Click a point on the map or enter a location in the input box. The application will search our database and show you a set of springs which are closest to the position you have selected. You may adjust your chosen location by clicking the map again to receive a new set of springs.

You may toggle what types of springs are displayed. However, be aware that doing so will limit the number of listings returned.

Clicking on a marker will give you a brief description of the spring. The description will contain a link to the full write up for the spring, including user comments and reviews.

All distances are straight line distance.

We make finding hot springs easy!

Here at HotTubbers, we like to make finding that next hot spring as painless as possible. We provide a map based search engine that let's you see hot springs surrounding the area of your choice with just the click of a mouse. Also, we allow feedback from other hot tubbers in the form of ratings and reviews.

You can rate the hot spring after a visit and even rate other people's reviews of the spring. If you have the highest rated review, YOUR review becomes the main listing for the hot spring!

Join us today! The water's great!