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Crabtree Hot Springs

Region: UKIAH, CA

Temperature: 106°F / 41°C
GPS: 39.292000, -122.820999

Most helpful review by: Bulldog at 2011-08-23 04:15:14
Crabtree Hot Springs is god's gift, and there's free camping about 6 miles north at Bear Creek Campground, Mendocino National Forest.

Free Camping Near Crabtree Hot Springs

7 reviews of “Crabtree Hot Springs

  1. Crabtree Hot Springs is god’s gift, and there’s free camping about 6 miles north at Bear Creek Campground, Mendocino National Forest.

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  2. Crabtree Hot Spring is located on private property. The owner doesn’t want people to use it. Please respect their wishes. Do not trespass.

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  3. I don’t understand why this bothers the owner so much to allow others to use something that is not used by him? What harm is being done to the owner? Just curious!

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    • Probably because there are just enough a-holes in the world to ruin it for everyone else – people who litter or paint graffiti or otherwise disrespect private property.

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  4. Believe it or not! According to U.S. law, nature photos are the property of the photographer, even if the nature photos were taken while trespassing.

    Trespassing is illegal, nature photos are not.

    It’s not the nature photographer’s fault there were no security guards on swim patrol at the hot springs. And besides, the USFS Rangers, at their district office in Upper Lake, said the owner was in the hospital, her boyfriend was gone, and that there was no caretaker at the hot springs.

    There were two “no trespassing” signs posted at the hot springs, but as there was already three trespassers using the hot springs, the nature photographer decided to join them for the day.

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  5. OK, Let’s let anybody who want’s, go on your property and possibly drown! Then you can be sued by there family. You can be accused.YOU the PROPERTY OWNER of not posting better Those KEEP OUT SIGNS that others have torn down…..Soooo why don’t you put yourself in the property owners shoes, and see if YOU might feel the same way. Maybe you are to young to realize the responsibility of owning property yet , there are huge responsibility’s that go along with it. Especially with body’s of water on that property…You have to do things to protect the public from drownings ..Fencing, & signs… So kid’s and dumb people, don’t go in there and party , get drunk and drown !! Pretty easy really. If it ain’t your’s don’t take it, If it ain’t yours stay out of it ,and if it ain’t your’s stay off it !!!! AMEN

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